The 2013 Season’s Most Co-Fascinating Team: The New Jersey Devils

The Musings of Hockey

The lock-out shortened season was chock full of surprises and absurdities, including the Toronto Maple Leafs’ first playoff appearance in nearly a decade. They rode into the playoffs on the massive PDO wave driven by an allegedly unsustainably high shooting percentage and excellent goaltending. But that was supposed to be a fluke; after all, the test cases for regression to the mean in PDO were consistent with the idea that you couldn’t out-“luck” your problems consistently.

And yet here we are, over a month into the full 2013 season and the Leafs are once again riding that big wave of team shooting and save percentages right to the top(-ish) of the East. Most analysts are predicting heavy regression to the mean for the Leafs and a rude awakening for head coach Randy Carlyle & Co.’s conception of “quality possession”.

Sean McIndoe (Down Goes Brown) had an excellent piece in Grantland

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