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Goalie nods: Bryzgalov back in for Wild, Brodeur goes for Devils


News and notes from around the crease…

Minnesota sticks with Bryz

Ilya Bryzgalov will make his second straight start for the Wild tonight, putting Darcy Kuemper in a back-up role once again.

Bryzgalov earned tonight’s start on the strength of 23 saves in a big 3-1 win in Phoenix over the weekend. The victory came after Kuemper struggled in consecutive losses to Vancouver at St. Louis — following the Blues loss, Wild head coach Mike Yeo said he felt bad for Kuemper, noting the club put the 23-year-old in a difficult spot by handing him the No. 1 gig after he entered the year as the No. 3 behind Niklas Backstrom and Josh Harding.

Bryzgalov and the Wild will face the Kings tonight, and Jonathan Quick will get the start for L.A.

Devils roll with Marty

Desperate to keep its flickering playoff hopes alive, New Jersey will give Martin…

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Dealing with the Devils: NHL reverses Kovalchuk punishment

Finally some great news for the Devils organization.

Kovi royally screwed over this organization on so many fronts by retiring suddenly in the summer.

No its not the leagues fault for this happening, its solely Kovi’s choice to retire.

However, the NHL tried to make an example out of the Devils by giving them this penalty of the first round pick, and the fine. Now the Devils are still on the hook for 300K per year.

Its ironic that many other teams have done the same thing with front loaded contracts (Luongo etc…) just not for the length that Kovi was given.

Why was Vancouver not penalized with the front loaded deal for Luongo? Why not Detroit for the deal with Franzen?

Not the NHL allows compliance buyouts for bad contracts, even front loaded ones. (Lecavalier, Bryz, Redden, Gomez etc…)

Why did the NHL step into this deal initially? Because of Cap circumvention???? Because of the length?

(As I have said before when the compliance buyouts were happening). How about the NHL forces any team that wants to do a compliance buyout is forced to dump one first round pick over the next 3 years.

Want to see how fast the owners will give more reasonable contracts.

This Kovi situation is not much different with many other NHL teams and what they did when contracts were on the table, excluding the length of the term.

Now the NHL is giving a potential back door clause to any owner who wishes to drop a contract that THEY signed with the player and the LEAGUE approved.

Yes I am a die hard Devils fan….but my rant is about the league and owners in general.

Lets look at the facts:

1. Long term contract
2. Front loaded contract
3. Working with the cap space

Now a disgruntled player/owner wants to move along with his careers somewhere else for personal reasons or because they are not performing to the level they want to achieve.

Which player am I talking about



Luongo, St. Louis, Lecavalier, Bryzgalov, Gomez, Dipietro etc… This list can go on and on.

Long term contracts don’t work (especially front loaded ones) but why were the Devils the sole organization to be penalized?

here is my proposition to the League, NHLPA and the owners.

The league needs to hold owners responsible for these contracts and make the owners pay dearly for burying players in the minors and for also a performing compliance buyout.

If a players is injured, player retires or player passes away (lets hope this doesn’t happen) its a player decision or inability to perform and should not be the solely the owners fault.

But to kill someones career such as Dipietro, Redden, Souray, Connoly etc.. just to take the numbers off the cap space is your own fault for signing the contract in the first place. Owners/GMs should NOT be allowed to bury any contract with any term deal longer than 3 years or over 3 million.

Owners/GMs are to forfeit 1 first round pick over the next 3 years if they wish to perform a compliance buyout.

Owners/GMs are to forfeit 1 second round choice should they waive a player who fails to be picked up with 3 yrs/3mil+ contract (refer to above)

Players who retires (not due to injury or death) with more than 3 years left in contract will pay 100% back to the owners in which the contract term remains. And the owners will pay the 50% of that money to the NHLPA players fund and 50% to the League…plus 150% of the contract terms to remain on the CAP.(yes 150%…so 1 mil contract now becomes 1.5mil to cap)

Owners may do front loaded contracts…where the contract can only be loaded by 10% each year (ie: 3 years deal. 1st year 1 million, 2nd year 900k, 3rd year 800k) [to all you math geeks out there I know that these would not be the actual numbers due to compounding factors…but rough idea]

My opinions….but the owners/GMs need to take notice the contracts they fling affect everything from ticket prices to the players lives.


The NHL is set to reverse the punishment handed to New Jersey for the Ilya Kovalchuk cap circumvention incident, according to TSN’s Darren Dreger:

In September of 2010, the NHL fined the Devils $3 million and took away their third-round pick at the 2011 NHL Entry Draft — as well as a first-round draft choice in one of the next four NHL Entry Drafts.

The punishment was levied after an independent arbitrator ruled Kovalchuk’s 17-year, $102 million deal attempted to circumvent the league’s salary cap (the deal was heavily front-loaded, with Kovalchuk earning $95 million over the first 10 years.)

This summer, Kovalchuk surprised the hockey world by retiring from the NHL with 12 years and…

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