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Updated list of Pucks #devilspuckcollection

Just updated my list of pucks that I have attained as of today.

Also, I have updated the outstainding puck list (which now includes the 2013-2014 new team members)


Sweet Lou Lamoriello…my quest is full steam ahead.

Well today, I have confirmed a few more off the list…and even one that was a must even tho they have never played a game for the New Jersey Devils.

Hall of Fame member Lou Lamoriello which has been with the team since 1987 as their General Manager. I could not pass up this puck as he’s as much a member of the team as any of the players. Probably one of the most respected GM’s to ever be in the NHL.



Off the list today is as follows.

Eric Boulton, Mark Fraser, Corey Schwab, Sheldon Brookbank, Kevin Dean and of course Lou Lamoriello