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Updated list of Pucks #devilspuckcollection

Just updated my list of pucks that I have attained as of today.

Also, I have updated the outstainding puck list (which now includes the 2013-2014 new team members)


Travis Zajac on its way

Well today is another great find. Got my Travis Zajac puck on its way to my house today.

Still very much an underated player in the league. One of the few who seem to be with the team for a while to come.

Jamie Langenbrunner & Jay Pandolfo ….off the list

Just got word that two more of the players on my very long list of pucks are now off.

2 amazing players during some great Stanley Cup runs.


So glad I have been able to attain these.



Sweet Lou Lamoriello…my quest is full steam ahead.

Well today, I have confirmed a few more off the list…and even one that was a must even tho they have never played a game for the New Jersey Devils.

Hall of Fame member Lou Lamoriello which has been with the team since 1987 as their General Manager. I could not pass up this puck as he’s as much a member of the team as any of the players. Probably one of the most respected GM’s to ever be in the NHL.



Off the list today is as follows.

Eric Boulton, Mark Fraser, Corey Schwab, Sheldon Brookbank, Kevin Dean and of course Lou Lamoriello

Who do you think is the best Devils player of All-Time?

Headline says it all.

I have my favorites, but feel free to comment.

2 more off the list!!

Stephen Gionta and Anton Volchenkov!!!

Waiting for their arrival.

Begining my quest!!!

To whom ever may read this post.

I am currently on a quest to collect an autographed puck from all the past and current memebers of the New Jersey Devils.

Yes I know it seems a little odd that someone would begin this quest in search of a simple hockey puck with soemone’s autograph on it. However it is something that I have contemplated in the past to do.

Doing a lot of research I have realized that many of these players are no longer in the public eye, nor have I any chance in getting in contact with them directly to perform my quest. Many of these players do not even have one single item available online to achieve this quest.

About a decade ago I recieved a few autographed pucks, cards and other New Jersey Devils item as a Christmas gift. Yes they were cherished, and then over time they eventually were placed in a box not to collect dust.

Ever so often I would open the box where they were located and would remember the great players.

3 weeks ago I had some medical news that I am not sure what to make of yet, and has not been confirmed. But it has really made me think about many things, what angers me, what makes me sad, what makes me happy and most of all what makes me not think about this potential news.

While going though some boxes 2 weeks ago, I was going through old photos,  looking at old memories and then decided to go though the box where I have stored my autographed pucks.

This opened a lot of great memories associated with the players who signatures were on these pucks. Thinking of their stats, their playing style, up and downs of their careers. And it triggered a thought to display these pucks properly as I have pondered in the past. Why not give them a proper and good home.

So my thoughs began, why not look into all the great players who have played for my favorite team, and display this memory.

And so my quest begins, only 336 more pucks to go… yes it seems a feat that could never be achived, but its my goal to do so.



If anyone out there could help me in getting in contact with some of the older players, or direct me to where I could attain more of these item, please feel free to contact me directly here.